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Opening and welcome remarks

Mireia Mollà Herrera, Valencian government’s Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition 
José Antonio Costa Mocholí, General Manager of AIMPLAS

Bioplastics and bioeconomy

9:10EUROPEAN BIOPLASTICS · Latest market data and current policy developments in the EU and Member states, Oliver Buchholz
9:35EUROPEAN COMMISSION · Plastics and biodegradable plastics in Agriculture, Angelo Innamorati, DG Agriculture and Rural Development
10:00ASOBIOCOM (Spanish Association of Compostable and Biodegradable Plastics) · National current policy developments, Jordi Simón
10:25AIMPLAS · Current scenario and trends, Elena Domínguez
Question time

11:00 Coffee break

Standardization, certification and Life Cycle Assessment (ACV)

11:30OWS · The rise of anaerobic digestion and what it means for compostable products, Sam Deconinck
11:55TÜV Austria · Certification of sustainable materials, Sara García (Tüv Iberia)
12:20DTU / UI · Optimisation of bioproducts with Life Cycle Assessment and technical and economic assessment at an early stage, Ólafur Ögmundarson
12:45Agencia de Residuos de Cataluña (Catalan Waste Agency) · The role of biopolymers in biowaste management, Teresa Guerrero
Question time
13:20 Lunch break
14:00 PERCAL PROJECT WORKSHOP · Municipal Solid Waste: a source of new chemical products of great interest for the industry. Miguel Ángel Valera, AIMPLAS - Free entrance

Raw materials

14:20Fkur · Development of high-performance biopolymers, Pia Püllen
14:45DUPONT · Engineered Polysaccharides and Composite Applications, Christian P. Lenges
15:10NESTE · Commercial-scale production of bio-based PP, Lars Börger
15:35KURARAY · High barrier compostable material and its possible applications in multilayer structures, Stefan Corbus
Round table and question time
16:10 Coffee break

Success stories

16:40ECOPLAS · Success stories in the packaging sector, Anxo Vidal
17:05TOTAL CORBION · Sc-PLA powder, one step production, Jenifer Mitja
17:30COVESTRO · Success cases in bio-based polyurethanes: Alternatives raw materials for high performance materials, Verena Goldbach
17:55QUIMOVIL · Water-based inks: the sustainable solution for printing compostable and flexible packaging, Ana García y Laura Pomes
Round table and question time
20:30 Conference dinner

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9:30CARBIOLICE · Complete and accelerated biodegradation of PLA through enzymes, Clementine Arnault
9:55CSIC · Enzymes in biodegradation processes, Dr. Manuel Godoy - Polymer Biotechnology Lab.
10:20AIMPLAS · Enzymatic biodegradation of conventional materials, Pablo Ferrero
Question time
10:55 Coffee break


11:25BIOTREND · Extraction and purification of PHA: Converting diverse waste-derived materials into useful products, Bruno Ferreira
11:50NOVAMONT · Integrated Biorefineries: the Novamont model and its integration in the actual legislative framework, Stefano Facco
12:15BIOPOLIS · Use of gaseous streams from biorefineries for the production of biopolymers, Antonia Rojas Martínez
Question time
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Visit to AIMPLAS’ facilities
14:40DAFIA PROJECT WORKSHOP · Biomacromolecules from municipal solid bio-waste fractions and fish waste for high added value applications. Laura Martí, AIMPLAS - Free entrance

Success stories

15:00ABM COMPOSITE · New era of bioplastics – degradable glass fiber as reinforcement, Tomy Kangas
15:25EVERSIA · Biomaterials for mass consumption, Salvador Martínez
15:50LEISTRITZ · Innovation in compounding techniques for processing biobased polymers, Sebastian Fraas
16:15 Round table and question time

Closing remarks