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9:20Welcome and opening remarks

Bioplastics and Bioeconomy

9:35AIMPLAS · Bioplastics. A Significant Contribution to the European Unions’ Ambitious Climate Goals, Elena Domínguez
10:00EUROPEAN BIOPLASTICS · Recent Market Data and Current Policies in the European Union and Member States, Constance Ißbrücker
10:25EUROPEAN COMISSION · Title TBA, Theodora Nikolakopoulou
10:50ASOBIOCOM · Key Spanish Policies
11:25 Coffee Break

Standardisation and Certification

11:55AIMPLAS · Different Options for Biopolymers at the End of their Lives, Sofía Collazo
12:20TÜV Austria Iberia · Compostability, Biodegradability, Bio-Based Content and Recycled Content Certification, Sara García
12:45DIN-CERTCO · Compostable Bioplastics: Recent Developments in Standards and Certification, María Rocha
13:35 Q&A
13:45 Lunch Break

Raw Materials

15:00PRIME BIOPOLYMER · ZIMIA: Compostable Bioplastics for the Industry, Iván Navarro
15:25KANEKA BELGIUM NV · Biodegradation of Kaneka Biodegradable Polymer Green Planet™ within Different Environments, Erwin Lepoudre
15:50NESTE · Title TBA, Lars Börger
16:15 Q&A
16:40Coffee Break

Success Stories

17:00WACKER · Improved Processing and Product Properties of PLA by Support of VINNEX® and GENIOPLAST® Products from Wacker, Ingo Jeschke & Oliver Fuhrmann
17:25TECNOPACKAGING · New Products with Enhanced Sustainability for Biodegradable and Compostable Applications, Irene Serrano
17:50BIOINICIA · Compostable Nanofiber Filters for Masks and Air Filtration Applications, Jose M. Lagaron
18:15Round Table and Q&A
20:30  Congress dinner

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Biopolymers in Open Environments

8:45APE  · Biodegradable Mulch Films in-Use and post-Harvest: Field Experiments to go beyond the Standards' Guarantees, Xavier Ferry
9:10ERCROS · Title TBA, Domingo Font
9:35UNIVERSIDAD DE VIGO · Are Compostable Polymers an Alternative to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Plastics? A Marine Perspective, Ricardo Beiras
10:00CAJAMAR · Title TBA, Miguel Ángel Domene Ruiz
10:35Coffee Break

Success stories

11:05NOVAMONT · Mater-Bi Solutions for a more Sustainable Agriculture, Sara Guerrini
11:30FKUR · Bio-Flex Biopolymer Solutions in Agriculture , Rui Marinho
11:55POTATO BIOPLASTICS · POTATO PLASTICS, José Miguel Espí y Cristina Martín Poyo
12:20 Q&A
12:30Visit to AIMPLAS facilities or WORKSHOPS Attendance
12:30WORKSHOP ELIOT PROJECT · End of Life (EoL) for biomaterials
12:55WORKSHOP BIONTOP PROJECT · Novel packaging films and textiles with tailored end of life and performance based on bio-based copolymers and coatings
13:30Lunch Break
 Closing Remarks