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9:00Opening and welcome remarks

Bioplastics and bioeconomy


EUROPEAN BIOPLASTICS · Latest market data and current policy developments in the EU and Member states, Oliver Buchholz

9:35EUROPEAN COMMISSION · Plastics and biodegradable plastics in Agriculture, Angelo Innamorati, DG Agriculture and Rural Development
10:00ASOBIOCOM (Spanish Association of Compostable and Biodegradable Plastics) · National current policy developments, Jordi Simón
10:25AIMPLAS · Current scenario and trends, Elena Domínguez
Question time

11:00 Coffee break

Standardization, certification and Life Cycle Assessment (ACV)

11:30Agencia Catalana Residuos (Catalan Waste Agency) · The role of bioplastics in biowaste management, Teresa Guerrero
11:55OWS · Standardization of biodegradable in different environments and compostable products, Sam Deconinck
12:20TÜV Austria · Certification of sustainable materials, Sara García (Tüv Iberia)
12:45DTU · Optimisation of bioproducts with Life Cycle Assessment and technical and economic assessment at an early stage, Ólafur Ögmundarson
Question time
13:20 Lunch break
14:00 PERCAL PROJECT WORKSHOP · Municipal Solid Waste: a source of new chemical products of great interest for the industry. Miguel Ángel Valera, AIMPLAS

Raw materials

14:20Fkur · Development of high-performance biopolymers, Pia Püllen
14:45DUPONT · Engineered Polysaccharides and Composite Applications, Christian P. Lenges 
15:10NESTE · Commercial-scale production of bio-based PP, Lars Börger
15:35KURARAY · High barrier compostable material and its possible applications in multilayer structures, Stefan Corbus
Round table and question time
16:10 Coffee break

Success stories

16:40ECOPLAS · Success stories in the packaging sector, Anxo Vidal
17:05TOTAL CORBION · Success stories in the automotive sector, Jenifer Mitja
17:30COVESTRO · Success cases in bio-based polyurethanes: Alternatives raw materials for high performance materials, Verena Goldbach
Round table and question time
20:30 Conference dinner

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9:30CARBIOLICE · Complete and accelerated biodegradation of PLA through enzymes, Clementine Arnault
9:55CSIC · Enzymes in biodegradation processes, Dr. Manuel Godoy - Polymer Biotechnology Lab.
10:20AIMPLAS · Enzymatic biodegradation of conventional materials, Pablo Ferrero
Question time
10:55 Coffee break


11:25BIOTREND · Extraction and purification of PHA: Converting diverse waste-derived materials into useful products, Bruno Ferreira
11:50NOVAMONT · Integrated Biorefineries: the Novamont model and its integration in the actual legislative framework, Stefano Facco
12:15BIOPOLIS · Aprovechamiento de corrientes gaseosas de biorrefinerías para la producción de biopolímeros, Antonia Rojas Martínez
Question time
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Visit to AIMPLAS’ facilities
14:40DAFIA PROJECT WORKSHOP · Biomacromolecules from municipal solid bio-waste fractions and fish waste for high added value applications. Laura Martí, AIMPLAS

Success stories

15:25EVERSIA · Biomaterials for mass consumption, Salvador Martínez
15:50LEISTRITZ · Innovation in compounding techniques for processing biobased polymers, Sebastian Fraas
16:15 Round table and question time

Closing remarks