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Michael Carus · NOVA INSTITUTE

michael-carusMichael Carus studied Physics and Mathematics at the University of Cologne. Following his studies, he worked for the University of Tubingen. He has worked for some magazines as a scientific journalist and he has worked for companies such as the KATALYSE-Umweltinstitut, Tektronix and Flachglas. In 1994, he established the nova-Institut, where he currently works as managing director and head of the Bio-based Economy department. He has a vast experience in biomass feedstock, processes, bio-based chemistry, polymers, plastics, fibres and composites. Furthermore, Michael Carus is managing director of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) and his company is member of various groups of the European Commission.

Constance Ißbrücker · EUROPEAN BIOPLASTICS

cv-cbruckerConstance Ißbrücker is Head of Environmental Affairs at European Bioplastics. She holds a degree from the University of Jena, Germany, specialized in macromolecular and bioorganic chemistry. Before joining European Bioplastics in 2013, she worked in different research groups at universities in Berlin and Jena where she gained valuable experience in the modification and analysis of polysaccharide derivatives and the synthesis of chiral amines by biocatalytic processes. In 2016, she has been promoted to Head of Environmental Affairs at European Bioplastics and is, among other things, responsible for the Product Groups Biobased and Biodegradables and the Seedling trademark.

Jean Luc · ARKEMA

cv-jl-duboisJean-Luc Dubois is Scientific Director at Arkema. He is in charge of Corporate R&D linked with Catalysis, Processes and Renewables. He supervises the long-term projects in this area, and builds the relationships with academic partners and companies for collaborative research.
Graduated from the Hautes Etudes Industrielles, he did a Voluntary Service Overseas in Saudi Arabia at the KFUPM/RI. He obtained is PhD from the Institut Français du Pétrole (French Institute of Petroleum) for his work on Catalysts for Oxidative Coupling of Methane. After a Post-Doctorate at the National Chemical Laboratory for Industry (Tsukuba, Japan), he found a Research Scientist position at the R&D Centre of the refining company elf-antar-france (now TOTAL), and stayed 2 years in the laboratories of Japan Energy in a collaborative research project on Hydrodesulphurisation catalysts. He moved to the chemical division of the group, elf-atochem (now in-part Arkema) in 1997, and successively stayed in the R&D Centres in Saint-Avold and Pierre-Bénite (France), where he worked on oxidation catalysts and started several research projects.
He is the author of more than 100 publications and 150 patent applications. He received in 2016 the honor from the “Société Chimique de France” (French Chemical Society) as “Membre Distingué” (Distinguished Member).

Rosa Puig · NOVAMONT

cv-rosa-puigRosa Puig graduated in Environmental Sciences and specialized in Environmental Communication. She began her professional career in the world of environmental consultancy. She entered the world of biodegradable and compostable plastics by focusing on waste management, particularly in the field of organic waste management, the composting process and the significance of closing the system, thus obtaining a quality product. For five years now, she has been collaborating in the Spanish market with the Italian biochemical company Novamont, manufacturer of the biopolymer Mater-Bi. By means of it, she has specialized in the application sectors of biodegradable and compostable polymers, which provide solutions for the waste management and for the agricultural and food industries, which have a constant growth.

Kees Joziasse, PhD. · CORBION

cv-joziasseKees Joziasse studied at the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Material Science at Delft University. He obtained his doctorate at the Polymer Laboratory of the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Groningen. He has worked for Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands and Havells India Ltd in various global roles in different countries. Since 2010 Kees is Sr. Director Innovation for the Market Unit PLA of Corbion Purac, responsible for the global product & application development portfolio, including PLA polymerization technology, compounding, injection molding, film blowing, fiber spinning, sheet extrusion and thermoforming.

Martin Clemesha · BRASKEM

martin-clemeshaMartin Clemesha, Technical Sales Manager, graduated as a Materials Science Engineer at the Polytechnic School of São Paulo University in 2001 and has a post-graduation degree in Packaging Engineering. Along his 15 years career, he has provided technical support in Brazil, South America and Europe. In addition, he has worked as Market Development Engineer in several projects related to the development of new materials for packages for paints and medications. He has worked in companies such as Polibrasil Resinas and Braskem. Nowadays, his aim is to distribute in Europe green plastics under the label ‘I’m Green’, developed by the company Braskem.

Monika Rymarczyk  · CENTEXBEL

cv-lucMonika is Scientific Researcher on Functional Thermoplastic Textiles at Centexbel. He holds a PhD in Chemistry by the Jagiellonian University. The title of her thesis was “Photoactive graft copolymers – synthesis and characteristic”, tutored by professor Maria Nowakowska.Then, he had a post doc position at the Ghent University (Belgium) in the group of Professor Etienne Schacht. From 2009, she is research scientist in the group of Functional Thermoplastic Textiles working on subjects like nanotechnology and biomaterials as new materials for textile applications in the textile industry. She is also specialized in extrusion applications.

Salvador Vila · ENTROPY RESINS

cv-jferrerSalvador is EAE-EAS-EAB Adhesives Engineer according to DIN-6701 and specialist consultant in composite materials. He is head of Industrial Applications at Entropy Resins EU, R&D Quality. He has more than 25 years of experience in the sector of interior design in public transport and he is former businessman. Salvador has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and he also studied carpentry at Salensians de Sarrià. He describes himself as an entrepreneur and he is a fan of extreme sports and living with all the risk possible learning every day.

Linde De Vriese · SIRRIS

cv-linde-vrieseLinde holds a masters degree in Materials Engineering, with a special focus on engineering of polymers and composites. As a project engineer at Sirris/SLC-Lab, Belgium, Linde has several years of experience in supporting companies with composite innovation. She has a special interest for thermoplastic press forming, biocomposites and recycling of composites. Linde’s expertise is recognized not only by her network in composite materials, but also by the Belgian textile industry.

Stefan Corbus · KURARAY

cv-stefan-corbusHe graduated in Environmental Engineering from the University of Jena, Germany. After several years working in the aviation and the automotive industry, he joined PLANTIC Technologies in 2009 as Technical Manager for tooling and prototyping in the Thermoforming department. Then, Stefan was appointed Production Manager and Site Manager of the PLANTIC’s ADC in Germany. PLANTIC Technologies was acquired by Kuraray in 2015. Since then, Stefan is part of the Account Manager team at Kuraray EVAL Europe in Antwerp, and he is responsible for PLANTIC Sales and Technical Support in EMEA markets.

Flavio Di Marcotullio · NATUREWORKS

cv-flavio-marcotullioFlavio Di Marcotullio is Business Development Manager in Southern Europe for NatureWorks LLC. Flavio is responsible for developing and engaging customers to grow market share in Italy, France and Spain across key business segments including fresh food packaging, foodservice, flexible packaging, as well as 3D printing applications.
Prior to joining NatureWorks in 2013, Flavio worked at Cargill Inc. (Spain) in various business development and marketing roles.
Flavio graduated cum laude from Libera Università degli Studi Sociali in Rome and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Finance. He also holds an International Management diploma from the Institut Commercial de Nancy, France.

Pedro Melgarejo · PLÁSTICOS ROMERO

cv-pmelgarejoHe graduated in Food Science and Technology from the University of Murcia and he holds a Master’s Degree in Quality Management from the ENAE Business School. He has over ten years of experience in the plastic packaging sector and he has been involved in assessment, training, project management and business generation in companies such as AIMPLAS. He is currently Head of the Marketing and Communication Department at Plásticos Romero.

Sam Deconinck · OWS

cv-sam-owsSam Deconinck obtained a Masters degree in Bioscience Engineering with a specialization in Environmental Technology in 2005 at the State University of Ghent in Belgium. Prior to joining OWS in 2006, he worked at a spin-off of the University of Ghent specialized in process-technical advice for wastewater treatment plants.
During his first years as Lab Project Manager at OWS, Sam Deconinck was responsible for the planning, follow-up and reporting of biodegradability and compostability testing.
In 2009, Sam joined the Marketing and Sales team of the Lab & Consulting Services department at OWS and is since responsible for setting up custom-made test programs for biodegradability and compostability certification purposes worldwide. Moreover, Sam is also in charge of several other projects in the field of recycling, integrated waste management and waste composition.

Apostolis Koutinas · AUA (Agricultural University of Athens)

apostolis-koutinasApostolis Koutinas graduated in Chemical Enginery from the University of Patras and he has a PhD in Biochemical Engineering from the Institute of Science and Technology at the University of Manchester. He is currently working as assistant professor in the department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the Agricultural University of Athens. His research is focused on biorefinery development, design and budgeting for efficient fractionation of renewable resources to separate value-added products followed by microbial bioconversion of remaining fractions to produce chemicals and biopolymers via fermentation. Since 2011, he has participated in more than 12 research projects, he has published more than 76 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and he is an associate editor in the Biochemical Engineering Journal.

Alba Ortiz · AIMPLAS, Plastics Technology Centre

cv-aortizAlba has a PhD in Chemistry, specialized in Inorganic Chemistry in 2012 by the University of Alcalá and she graduated in Chemical Sciences, specialized in Polymers in 2007 by the University of Alcalá. She also holds a Master’s degree in Molecular Inorganic Chemistry (2008). In 2013 she broadens her knowledge in Technology of Polymeric Materials and Composites at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Since 2013 she develops tasks as researcher in the Chemical Laboratory of AIMPLAS. She has also experience in national and international R&D projects. She has taken part in different FP7 European projects: BANUS, BIORERFINE 26, BRIGIT, as well as H2020: DAFIA, ENZOX2. She has also participated in MINECO projects, such as HELADA and IVACE projects, such as SINTEPOL, as well as different research projects with leading companies of the sector. She is also co-author of different scientific papers.

Bruno Sommer · BIOTREND

bruno-sommer-ferreiraBruno Sommer Ferreira works as CEO at Biotrend. He graduated in Chemical Engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico of Lisbon, Portugal. He holds a PhD in Biotechnology from the Technical University of Lisbon and has over 20 years’ experience in the development, optimization, monitoring and control of bioprocesses in biological systems as diverse as microalgae, bacteria, yeasts and animal cells. Before founding Biotrend, he worked as researcher at the Technical University of Lisbon, at the National Laboratories for Industrial Technology, the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (Germany) and at the University of Toronto (Canada). Bruno is also consultant for private, national, and international governmental organizations on industrial biotechnology and bio-based products and he has published more than 30 scientific publications, including two patents.

Vratislav Stovicek · DTU, Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Biosustainability

Vratislav-StovicekVratislav Stovicek is a postdoctoral researcher at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Biosustainability, Technical University of Denmark (DTU). He holds a master degree in Biology from the Charles University of Prague and a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Genetics and Virology from the Charles University. He worked on molecular analysis of the origin and evolution of multicellular microbial communities. Since he joined DTU his research has focused on metabolic engineering of industrial yeast for production of chemicals and utilization of waste biomass from biorefineries. He has published several articles related to environmental microbiology, fungal genetics and development of genetic engineering tools for manipulation of industrial yeast.

Jordi Simó · BASF

cv-jsimoJordi Simón Sierra graduated in Industrial Chemistry and has been working for 26 years in the plastics division of BASF. He is Business Manager at BASF Iberia and his tasks are related to different business lines: polyolefins, engineering plastics, styrene plastics and foams. He is currently the Head of Biodegradable Plastics at BASF Iberia.

Alexia Delsalle-Roma · GROUPE RENAULT

cv-delsalle-romaOf training Chemical engineer specialized in Polymers of the College of Organic and Mineral Chemistry (E.S.C.O.M.), I began my career in the automotive sector to Renault. After around ten years in Painted assembled body Engineering department as Project manager and / or Quality manager in vehicles’ industrialization projects, I joined in 2010 the Polymers section of the Materials department as Materials Innovation Leader. I was named Biomaterials Referent in the field of expertise “Polymers, Characterization and Transformation Processes” in 2013, to identify and to study bio-based materials which can be integrated at Renault.


cv-bas-krinsBas Krins is R&D Director at API Institute, in the Netherlands, an international commercial research institute with lab and pilot plant facilities dedicated to the development of high-end applications of polymers. API works together with investors on the development of start-ups. Previously, he has worked in AkzoNobel, a multinational company from the Netherlands specialised in decorative paints, performance coatings and specialty chemicals and in other companies such as Acordis and Diolen, which work with fibres. Bas Krins has filed several breakthrough patent positions and he is a specialist in the development of high-end applications of biopolymers.

Inma Roig · AIMPLAS, Plastics Technology Centre

cv-iroigMs. Inma Roig, Head of Composites Department, has been working since 1999 in R&D of composites in several topics (e.g. processing, MW curing and biocomposites). She is specialised in the area of composite materials providing services to industry and troubleshooting consultancy. She works in the Composites Department of AIMPLAS as Senior Researcher, where several pilot plant processes such as pultrusion, RTM, hot-platen press and MW curing composites are available for the experimental development of R&D projects. She has a wide experience as coordinator and participant of national and European projects. She has involved in the technical coordination of several FP7 projects focused on composite sector (NATEX, MAC-RTM, CODE, WAVECOM). She is author of several scientific papers, patent and communications.

Giancarlo Busa · API S.p.A

Giancarlo BusaGiancarlo Busa is Business Unit Manager Footwear and Sporting Goods at API, an Italian
company which produces TPE’s , TPU’s , Bioplastics and Materbatches. He joined API SpA in 2002 as Sales manager to become Business Unit Manager in 2012. He holds a degree in Economics & Business from the University of Trento, Italy.

Marco Meneghetti · API S.p.A

cv-mmeneghettiMarco Meneghetti is Product Development Manager as well as Bioplastics Product Manager of API SpA, an Italian company which produces TPE’s , TPU’s , Bioplastics and Masterbatches. He joined API SpA in 2002 and, especially for Bioplastics, he is in charge of developing biodegradable and bio-based materials since 2006. Marco Meneghetti is also a member of the Assobioplastiche STC since 2012, the Scientific Technical Committee of the Italian Bioplastics Association. Prior to joining API SpA, he worked as Quality, R&D and Operations Manager in the textile, mechanical and hoses manufacturing industry. He holds a degree in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Padova, Italy.